LUX – Yeah, You’ve Got It.  Short For Luxury.

      ADVENTURES – Daring and Exciting Activities

      NOW – Combine the two and you have our concept.

      We like hiking, backpacking, trekking, mountaineering, river rafting, exploring, and safaris.  If it gets your heart pumping and your lungs burning, we’ve probably done it.

      We don’t like unnecessarily cramped or dirty quarters, poor food, bad guide ratios (like the standard 4:1 you find on many trips), added risk which can be avoided, and carrying overly heavy loads.

      You CAN have all of the beauty and adventure with maximum luxury. How? By allowing LUX ADVENTURES to make your arrangements. We choose only world class guides and accommodations. We spend endless hours taking care of the details. We have bigger tents, smaller loads, extra porters, better food (on our trips your meals are ALL provided, unlike the standard trips where you have to bring and carry all of your lunches) and much more.

      We are the facilitators between you and the guide service. We have been successful time and time again for the discriminating adventurer all over the world.

      • Everest Base Camp

      • Kilimanjaro

      • African Safaris

      • Shasta

      • Rainier

      • Whitney

      And much much more.

      - Lloyd Charton (Founder)