If you ever want an adventure to challenge you with a touch of class, Lux Adventures is your answer. I’m always amazed that the tinniest details are always handled in safety, comfort, and enjoyment before I can think of them. I only need to worry about one thing getting to the summit… ME!

Larry Noggle
Newport Beach, CA

I’ve traveled with Lux Adventures twice and both times it was a fabulous experience.
All my meals were provided, the food was terrific, and they limited the amount of weight I had to carry. I had a brand new tent and plenty of room. Best of all I summited Mount Rainier roped up to a world class guide of my own. Lux made the journey fun and I got to capture the summit. A great team to go with.

Rick Piette

In August of 2011, upon the recommendation of a friend, I signed up with Lux Adventures to climb Mt. Langley(14,029 feet). I have climbed “14teeners” before and was for several reasons, apprehensive about doing the trip. After speaking with the trip director, Lloyd Charton, I felt reassured that this was possible and I could tell he was competent, experienced and above all, had a “yes we can attitude”.

Prior to the trip, I spoke to Lloyd several times for my planning and each time he was thorough, detailed orientated and very professional. His experience in mountaineering was obvious, as he took time to make sure I had all I needed prior to the trip. His knowledge of hiking gear is extensive and invaluable.

We started the trip hiking early and I could tell from the beginning that this was going to be a challenge, both physically and mentally. Lloyd was there the whole way to reassure and inspire the trek up.

Also, on the trip, was Lloyd’s assistant, affectionally know as Bear, who for a young man, was very mature, helpful and I don’t think I would have made it with out his assistance throughout the trip. He was excellent in many ways.

On summit day, I had some strong doubts as to whether I could come even close to reaching the peak and considered going back. Both Lloyd and Bear were there, to encourage me onward and upward and with perseverance, that afternoon, to my surprise, I did summit and and was thrilled! It was one of the greatest physical and mental achievements of my life and I am so glad that I did it.

Without reservation, I would highly recommend Lloyd and LUX Adventures. They are professional, thorough and fun to be with.

Thanks again, for one of the best experiences of my life.


Dan Strobhar

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